International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc.

A Culture of Peace is a Peaceful World

The IPDCI Youth Forum is an iniative of the International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc.
The International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc. (IPDCI) Youth Forum is a key platform where youth leaders can contribute to the greater aspirations of the organization as through their active and shared ideas. As a global level outside the United Nations, the IPDCI Youth Forum allows youth representatives, youth advocates including youth stakeholders across the international society to initiate dialogues and provide mechanisms based on the issues which are of global importance in recent times. Empowering the future roles of the youth, the IPDCIwhole  Youth Forum offers a unique opportunity for delegates to voice their opinions and share ideas to redefine collective actions.


The International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc. (IPDCI) Youth Forum provides a platform for young leaders from around the world to engage in a dialogue among themselves to share ideas for advancing inclusive and sustainable peace development.

The IPDCI Youth Forum serves as an extraordinary space for young leaders across the global society to share their vision and elaborate their substantive contributions imperative to the future works of the International Peace Diplomacy Corps in bringing the aspirations of the United Nations closer and more accessible for everyone.

The IPDCI Youth Forum envisions an active global synergy that involves policy frameworks, promote innovation, define mechanisms for the advancement of youth development towards the enhancement of resilience and inclusive sustainable development for everyone.

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