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International Peace Diplomacy Corps Inc.

Peace Public Policy House  [PPPH]


The Peace Public Policy House [PPPH] is an initiative of the International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc. pursuant to its Charter, Chapter X111 specifically Articles 75 and 76. 

The Peace Public Policy House [PPPH] presence is cognizant on the broader vision of the United Nations in its peace promotions among various levels and stakeholders through collaborative and shared decision concepts and emerging ideas that uplifts international development and fraternity.


The Peace Public Policy House [PPPH] is the policy hub of the International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc. PPPH aspires on the proliferation of sustainable and inclusive knowledge dissemination based on data-based management for public resources through policy research; scholarly papers; and, including other allied publications that nurtures and impacts peace development.


In line with the advocacy of the International Peace Diplomacy Corps, Inc. of promoting peace imperative to the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, the Peace Public Policy House [PPPH], an initiative subsumed to IPDCI, aspires to proliferate mechanisms and modalities that are sustainable and inclusive to the global community. Initiates to achieve the following aspirations:

  • initiate leadership in peace public policy in the context of qualitative and quantitative sources;
  • collaborate shared principles with public and private organizations in achieving commendable solutions; and,
  • showcase contested concepts anchored on the international solidarity, cooperation and security measures.


1. Foreign Trade and Investment

2. International Security

3. Human Development

4. Participatory Governance and Capacity Building

5. Peace Education and Cultural Appreciation

6. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


The Peace Public Policy House of the International Peace Diplomacy Corps wishes to invite collaborators including independent researchers and policy developers to potential collaboration and execution of programs. For inquiries, please contact us through e-mail at [email protected] We welcome foreign organizations and individuals.